30. Nov, 2016: After-work-meeting with Charlie Morrow at Copenhagen Sound (Lydens Hus)

3D Sound - Immersive Sound in Architectural AR/VR

Charlie Morrow, the exciting composer, sound artist and inventor from New York, is coming to Denmark on November 30.

We are very lucky that Charlie has agreed to stop by Copenhagen Sound (Lydens Hus) and give a talk and demo about "3D Sound”, in form of an ‘after-work meeting’ at 16-18h.

Taking sound to the next level, Morrow most recently created a patented state­of­the­art technology at the forefront of the rapidly­expanding field of 3D sound in architectural AR and VR. 

MorrowSound® sound moves above and below the listening plane, creating the illusion of an expanded space where sound moves up, down and around. It expands stereo and surround to immersive 3D, simulating the original recording space. It has been showcased at major venues and events around the world, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, the Torino Winter Olympics, Wolfsburg Planetarium, Microsoft Microtropolis and Nationwide Children's Hospital.

You can read more about Charlie's impressive resume and background here: www.cmorrow.com, www.charliemorrow.comĀ 

Throughout his career, Morrow has sought to bring experimental sound and music to a wider audience. His works have ranged from massive free public events, such as “Toot’N Blink” for Chicago’s Lake Michigan and for New York Harbor, "Copenhagen Waves" for 2000 performers, media & churchbells to innovative installations for the world’s leading institutions, including Kennedy Space Center, Empire State Building, and the American Museum of Natural History. Morrow is passionate about using the power of sound to inspire, entertain and even heal.

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Everyone is welcome and entrance is free.


Event date: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2016