5 positions of strength

A central role for the network since its start in 2009 has been to connect the many different business areas within sound technology and create interdisciplinary dynamics with a focus on innovative technological solutions. Sound technology products and services are broadly characterized by the fact that sound is a key part of the problem or the solution. To clarify that the network has taken on the role as a national network for the Danish sound ecosystem across actors who create, produce, disseminate, apply and develops audio technologies, products and services, the network changed its name from the Danish Sound Technology Network to Danish Sound Innovation Network in early 2013. In order to ensure that all network activities are directed at areas with sufficient critical mass, efforts have been focused on five positions of strength, where Denmark either has a strong position in research and/or business or a strong foundation for new research and development. The five positions of strength, developed in collaboration with key stakeholders from academia and industry, are:

Refers to among other things; speakers, professional live sound systems, Hi-Fi systems and related value chains. Denmark has previously been one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world and is still among the elite. We must continue to invest in research, collaborate on innovation in this area so that we maintain it as a Danish position of strength.

Refers to among other things; measurement systems, acoustic environment noise analysis and monitoring. Denmark has unique microphone and signal processing capabilities through several world leading companies, and there are numerous technology areas and industries in need of these skills. 


Includes among other things hearing aids, of which three Danish companies currently cover 40% of the world market. As a consequence, Denmark has world leading research environments and several spin-outs, SME’ and start-ups in the field of assistive (sound) technologies). In a healthcare setting, sound can be used passively (e.g. by reducing noise) and actively (e.g. by music intervention or by listening to the human body). Due to societal challenges such as a growing and aging population, but also novel use of portable audio products, there is a demand for further research and innovation focused efforts within this area in order for Danish companies to develop new innovative products and solutions involving sound technology.

Aims to provide effective communication and experiences and connects with several creative industries such as the music and computer games industry, dealing with organizing and streaming of music and sound, sound quality as well as broadcast production. It is an area with high growth potential for entrepreneurs and interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on niche products and services.

Includes fields such as sound branding and designed sound environments. This is an area that stretches from art installations to welfare technology and marketing. We must take advantage of the Danish tradition for excelling in interdisciplinary work and involve both technological and artistic skills. Listen to and watch Danish Sound's own logo animation (sounddesign by member company Soundbranding, visual animation - and sound fx - by Adme). Also, see DR's 30 min feature on Sound Design in the series Designets magt