Acoustic regulation in large tents

Project report

Tent Acoustics

In cooperation with Roskilde Festival among others, the network has launched a project dedicated to improve the acoustic conditions in tents used for music concerts and home parties. Hitherto known methods for acoustic control of large halls cannot be applied in tents because their temporary nature and their inability to carry heavy constructions. ‘

The project has participants from all parts of the business value chain from R&D to manufacturers, professional users and consumers.

The results of the project (solutions and so forth) will be presented at an event and in a final report/website where the solutions will be described.

Roskilde Festival will receive solutions appropriate to their needs and fitted to the structures within the large pagoda tents.

Another outcome of this project is the possibility for users to hear the difference in acoustics between unregulated and regulated tents with the help of sound examples and thus make a qualified decision when renting a tent. The knowledge generated in this project can also be used when solving traditional acoustical problems regarding space.

The ultimate objective is to make the sound experience perceptibly better for events in large tents.

For more information please contact the project manager Birger Bech Jessen or the secretariat.