CopenXSound - Immersed in Audio

Are you about to start, or perhaps already in the middle of, a 360, VR or AR project? Have you heard about the power and importance of immersive audio? Are you familiar with 360, VR or AR, but new to audio? Or are you familiar with audio, but new to 360, VR or AR? Then exploit this unique opportunity and add a new crucial dimension to your professional career path.

Danish Sound and CopenX have joined forces to put together AudioX 2016 - Immersed in Audio. The ambition is to increase the awareness of the importance of immersive audio, as well as empower Danish professionals to start implementing immersive audio solutions to new or existing 360, Vr and AR projects.

Explore the many aspects of Immersive Audio and improve your professional toolbox with essential skills enabling you to take your next 360, VR or AR project to a new, truly immersive, level.

Through a series of cherry picked and exclusive workshops provided by a number of Danish and international audio experts and industry leaders you are guaranteed to become inspired as well as get your hands dirty. Depending on your specific interests you’ll go home with new knowledge and applicable skills about basic techniques, tools and advanced plugins.

See confirmed speakers and workshop providers here.

OBS: The event is free for members of Danish Sound (more info, click here) and participants of CopenX 2016. Register via Eventbrite. PromoCode for Members of Danish Sound: DanishSoundMember.

Registration deadline: December 1st 2016

Event date: 
Thursday, December 15, 2016