Funding Opportunities

Where can you find financial support for your sound technology projects?

In addition to our own innovation projects, Danish Sound has also identified specific H2020 calls within our three Challenge areas, that could be particularly interesting for our members. Find them below:

Sound Solutions for Healthcare

Digital & Creative Sound Solutions

Urban & Environmental Sound Solutions


We can also support you with other funding opportunities, calls, arrangements and pools. You are always welcome to contact us at, if you want to talk about possible sound projects and funding options.

At you can find a large selection of private funds, public funds, grants, Nordic schemes and EU programs. In addition, the Secretariat has compiled a list of some key support programs that may be particularly relevant for audio researchers- and companies:


Innovation Fund Denmark invests in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund is willing to venture an investment in your project at an early stage where others might not be convinced of its potential.

Read more about Innovation Fund Denmark at

Next submission date for Open Calls: 13/06/2017


InnoBooster is an investment program under Innovation Fund Denmark, that particularily targeting knowledge-based innovative projects from small and medium sized companies, start-ups and scientists.

When investing in your company, the InnoBooster does not want shares nor do they want you to pay back the investment - but they do expect that your idea has potential and that the project is well thought through.

Read more about InnoBooster.

The Market Development Fund

The aim of the Market Development Fund is to promote growth, employment and export, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises in areas where Denmark has particular strengths and potential. The goal is to help enterprises bring their new products to the market faster.

Next application deadline is April 18. 2017.

From January 23. It will be possible to book a telephone prescreening with the Fund.


Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation is a Nordic institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation, particularily projects promoting innovation and competitiveness in the Nordic business sector and lead to commercial and sustainable development.

You can recieve funding, either by applying to an open call or by sending an independent application.



Eurostars is a joint programme supporting R&D performing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It is co-funded from the national budgets of 36 Eurostars countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020. It is the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to support the niche market of research-performing SMEs in their innovative R&D projects. With its bottom-up approach, it stimulates international collaborative research and innovation projects that will be rapidly commercialised.

Next submission date is 14/09/2017 20:00 CET


Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the EU's Research and Innovation programme. With nearly 80 billion euro of funding, the programme is available over 7 years (2014 to 2020), and offers funding for researchers, companies, entrepreneurs, organisations, regions etc.

Who can recieve funding? Horizon 2020 is for innovative companies, universities, research institutions, public institutions, NGOs and others who can help increase the competitiveness of Europe through their projects.

Each year, the European Commission publishes the specific topics for each area where funding is available through Horizon 2020. You can see the calls/topics here.

Read more about Horizon2020 at