Innovation support

The network's innovation support covers our efforts to create the best matchmaking opportunities for all our members. The activities and communication are mostly conducted via mail and telephone and deal with all requests from members or nonmembers who have a problem, an idea or a concept, they would like to discuss.

The secretariat has allied itself with a network of scientists, engineers and innovation experts, who can make a visitation of ideas, concepts and technologies and assess their potential. We can also advice you on finiancial support for R&D projects available through various calls, institutions and pools.

If you have an idea

It is our policy that there be equal access to opportunities for all members. We examine ideas confidentially and will, in agreement with you, draw on experts at universities or industry. If necessary we can sign a standard NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). If you have questions or an idea you wish to discuss with us please contact us via email to

Also, check out the page Guides to innovation and consultancy that lists usefull links to other helpful organizations in the innovation ecosystem.