Integrated Design of Sound and Light

Sound and light are two equally important factors in indoor environments, so combining them into soundabsorbing
light fixtures are the key idea to create pleasant indoor environments efficiently.

We experience a huge demand for silence and inner well‐being. This resulted from the fact that most people are living in an overly exposed world. The daily life is busy and the noise around us makes it difficult to communicate with others. Buildings are made of hard materials, which leads to bad indoor acoustic environments. Most architects and designers working with space planning search for and demand new acoustic solutions. Embacco has tried light fixtures that have a sound absorbing capability. A very positive feedback has been given to their attempts. 

In this innovation project, our goal is to integrate acoustic solutions into light fixtures in optimal ways. The main focus is to find out proper acoustic materials that are light, easy to bend, easy to process with, having decent absorption capability and sufficient fire class, potentially recyclable. After this project, a larger project is expected as an industrial PhD to develop a product collection, which can potentially be used in offices, meeting rooms, living rooms, hospitals, and noisy restaurants.

Project participants:

Embacco Lighting ApS 
Modi Form ApS
Henning Larsen Architects 

For more information, contact Project Leader:
Associate professor Cheol‐Ho Jeong