Sound & Health

Welfare Tech and Danish Sound granted large innovation project on "Sound & Health"

"Sound & Health" is a cluster cooperation project between Welfare Tech and Danish Sound, running from January 2016 to July 2018. The goal is to create a public-private platform to promote new connections between knowledge domains, industries and sectors in order to create innovation and growth in Denmark using SOUND, ICT and OTHER relevant technologies for the health sector's requirements.

Research partners in the project are University of Aarhus, Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience Center of Music In the Brain and the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,Division of Cognitive Systems.

The kick-off workshop was held in Struer - City of Sound on March 3rd 2016 (se participants in the picture below). During the Spring 2016, the research partners will define the innovation projects which are expected to be implemted in the Fall. in addition to the concrete innovation projects "Sound & Health" will during the course of the entire project period host two larger conferences on the topic.

If you are interested in learning more about "Sound & Health" you can contact the project managers of Welfare Tech or Danish Sound.


Welfare Tech
Lene Vistisen
Mobil: +45 3176 4331

Danish Sound
Ima Mustafic
Mobil: +45 9351 1539


WHINN -Week og Health and Innovation 

As a partner in the "Sound & Health" project, Danish Sound participated in several activities this year at WHINN, Week of Health & Innovation, which took place in Odense 4-7 October.

Danish Sound and Welfare Tech (Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology) offered audio companies a favorable discount for participation in a joint exhibition stand. Wavecare and AudioCura seized the opportunity and shared the booth with "Sound & Health", which sponsored a reception, printed materials and advertising.

It was a great success for all parties, and the joint booth attracted many visitors, guests, partners and potential customers. At the booth there was an opportunity to gain new knowledge about how sound and images can have a positive effect on the physical and mental health, as well as general well-being.

"Very high quality, competent visitors and interviews at our booth. We hope to come again next year."
--Bjørn Wennerwald, Co-Founder, Wavecare

The cluster cooperation project "Sound and Health" also attracted many participants to the conference workshop entitled "Is music the new medication without side effects?". Around 35 persons showed up when Professor Jan Larsen and Assistant Professor Line Gebauer Josefsen presented interesting perspectives on music in healthcare. There was great excitement and satisfaction among the audience, who were introduced to evidence and new discoveries within the music universe. The audience also participated actively in the discussions of the new technological music intervention solutions.


News and articles about the project:

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