Sound quality evaluation using hearing impaired listening panel

The use of trained assessors can provide valuable information about the perceived sound characteristics of a product (e.g. Hearing aids). As seen in other industries (e.g. food), a panel of carefully selected assessors can provide detailed information on how a given product is perceived and characterized. This knowledge can be implemented in the product development leading to a product with the desired qualities.


The purpose of this project is to establish a panel of 12-15 trained hearing impaired assessors, all categorized to have a moderate hearing loss (N3 categorization according to IEC 60118-15 WD). The project will include development of screening methods for testing sensory evaluation skills of hearing impaired persons, as well as 3 separate studies on panel validation, sound quality preference and attribute toolbox development to be used by the industry.

The project will yield a new service to the industry that takes the sound quality evaluation to a new level by using expert assessor panel as seen in other industries (food, perfume, etc.).


The project is conducted as a collaboration between DELTA and two hearing aid companies.

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Project Manager:

Søren Vase Legarth