Sound Solutions to Tomorrow's Global Challenges

Danish Sound has identified three relevant challenges related to global societal challenges and trends with great potential for future research, innovation and market development. To realize the potential we must successfully transform and leverage the highly specialized knowledge and competences in the Danish sound ecosystem.

Three challenge groups of relevant stakeholders will investigate the challenges and possibilities in order to ensure that the Danish sound ecosystem is at the forefront of the development.


Research and development of innovative solutions using sound and ICT technologies and competences from the creative industry to foster new solutions in digital media, experience, edutainment, education, communi­cation, robotics, internet of things, big data, and cultural heri­tage.

We will focus on:

  • Technologies for creative industries, social media, and technology convergence;
  • Development of digital tools and systems that enable new ways to educate and learn online;
  • Empowering humans with natural interaction tools that enables interaction with other humans and machines;
  • Use of sound in robotics to enhance capabilities for communication, navigation, and interaction;
  • Internet of things and platforms for connected smart objects;
  • Transforming big data into semantically interoperable data assets and knowledge;
  • Activating cultural heritage as a win-win for culture, economic growth, and individual fulfilment.


Research and development of innovative solutions using Sound and ICT technologies for health, demographic change, and wellbeing in collaboration with domain experts. The aim is to keep people active and independent for longer time and support the development of new, safer and more effective interventions.

We will focus on:

  • Early risk detection and intervention to ensure active and healthy ageing;
  • Advanced systems and services for integrated care;
  • Patient empowerment and self-management of health and diseases.

Read about "Sound & Health" - a cluster collaboration project between Danish Sound and Welfare Tech.

Research and development of innovative solutions using sound and ICT technologies and materials technology to foster new solutions for the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems and environ­ments, as well as developing comprehensive and sustained global environmental observation and information systems.

We will focus on:

  • Development of cost-effective, acceptable and integrated preventive solutions for smart cities, buildings, and transportation in order to address the noise and sound challenges that have significant impact on individual human health as well as societal structure;
  • Novel security solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure;
  • Fighting crime and terrorism by developing forensic tools and enhanced cyber-security solutions.