Switch-Mode Power Amplifiers for Current Controlled Loudspeakers

The aim of the project is to investigate the capabilities of loudspeakers, when controlling the current flowing through their voice coils. The goal is to provide innovative demonstrators with physical (measured) answers to the questions:

  • How much improvement in audio performance (THD and intermodulation) is possible through providing the loudspeakers drive signal as current instead of voltage?
  • To which extend is it possible to optimize one of the parameters power density (efficiency), size, input power or output power, while keeping the others constant?
  • How can current driven loudspeakers be utilized, e.g. wireless loudspeakers, damping of loudspeaker resonance?

The expected deliveries are theoretical analyses and several physical demonstrators, proving the answers to the above questions. Furthermore publications in international peer-reviewed conferences and journals are expected.

Read the report here

For more information, contact Arnold Knott, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Electrical Engineering.