Universities access point to Danish Sound


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The networks consortium consists of the following five institutions: The Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark and the GTS institute DELTA. Each consortium partner has an appointed contact person for the network, who also participates in the official consortium meetings. However, all researchers and specialist from the consortium partners are generally eligible for participation in our Innovation Projects and 5 thematic groups

The budget of the network therefore also includes a post to cover the consortium partners participation in Innovation Projects, knowledge dissemination events and workshops, promotional activities for the network at the institution of individual consortium partner as well as the collection of relevant and specific knowledge and results on behalf of the network. The funds are significantly geared through co-financing from the consortium partners (20 % of the funds received from The Ministry of Higher Education and Science)

If you research institution is not among the consortium partners, but will have a focus on audio (or audio technologies) then contact the secretariat for the Danish Sound Innovation Network.