Class‐D Amplification for Acoustic Guitar Applications

Class‐D amplifiers are known for their high efficiency characteristics and low distortion. They have become very popular in pro audio applications like bass‐amplifiers and public address (PA) systems.
However this technology has not been adopted in guitar amplification yet. This project will investigate the cause for this in technical terms and answer the main questions.

  • How are the requirements for guitar amplification different from those for bass or PA applications?
  • Is it possibly to successfully integrate Class‐D amplifiers in guitar amplifiers? 

The project work would include measurement of relevant parameters of guitar amplifiers to compare and identify which quantities are most significant to tone and timbre. A prototype guitar amplifier based on Class‐D amplification will also be constructed and subjected to both measurements, listening tests and evaluated by trained guitar players from the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC). This work could result in a new line of guitar amplifier products which will benefit from the advantages of Class‐D technology such as reduced weight, reduced cost pr watt, e.g. efficiency. The project is ideal for knowledge exchange between musicians and developers which is both fruitful for the quality of new products and growth.

Project participants:
DTU Electrical Engineering
TC Electronic
Press Power
Rythmic Music Conservatory

For more information, contact Project Leader:
Henrik Schneider, DTU Electrical Engineering