Danish Loudspeakers - 100 years


Thursday, December 10 2015 is the exact day of the 100th year anniversary of the electrodynamic loudspeaker. 100 years earlier, on December 10, 1915, the Dane Peter Laurits Jensen and his partner Edwin Pridham presented their groundbreaking invention to the public in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The next day The San Francisco Bulletin published an enthusiastic article about the event: “Great invention made of Californians solves many problems. The slender tone of a single violin heard about a mile away. The sound operatic Luisa Tetrazzini’s voice reverberating throughout the stadium, and a piano solo resembling the chimes of Westminster Abbey played by Colossus of Rhodes”. The loudspeaker was born. To mark the historical day Danish Sound Innovation Network publishes a coffee table book entitled Danish Loudspeakers - 100 years. The book has been edited by DELTA and made with generous contributions from the Danish loudspeaker industry.

ISSUE version

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If you are interested in a hard copy, Danish Sound is selling the book in packs of minimum 10 books at the cost of 30 DKK pr book ex VAT and delivery. For further information contact us at info@danishsound.org