Evaluation of sound quality in a multimodal context

Quality evaluation is an important research area in the Danish and international sound industry. Most evaluations are performed in laboratory settings. This allows for careful control of the different parameters of sounds. However, real-world experience of sounds is multimodal, and our auditory perception can be strongly influenced by visual or tactile inputs for example. Such a complex sensory experience is not currently integrated in sound quality evaluations and this may significantly undermine the impact of those studies. 

The goal of this project is to investigate methodologies to include visual feedback in the evaluation of sound quality. We plan to use virtual reality technologies in order to create immersive simulations that provide multimodal experiences for listeners while ensuring a controlled testing environment. This project will allow us to achieve a better understanding of the interaction between vision and audition when evaluating sound quality.

Project Participants:
Aalborg University
Technical University of Denmark
Brüel & Kjær
Bang & Olufsen

For more information contact Project Manager:
Stefania Serafin, sts@create.auu.dk