Folkemødet - The People's Political Festival 2017

Folkemødet - The People's Political Festival 2017 was once again a great and inspiring experience!

With 4 events spread over three days, Danish Sound made maximum effort to put sound on the political agenda and to spread awareness among ordinary citizens.

In addition, it was a great pleasure to see Widex, Oticon and GN ReSound attract noticeable attention with their joint event. Musicbusiness 2020 also made a lot of noise and brought together music aficionados with their music and health-related events. All in all, there was plenty of sound and music at #fmdk - and we will definitely be back in 2018!!

A huge thanks to all our partners, donors and panelists: Welfare Tech, CopenX, Kanda, AWE, Molamil, Oticon People First, Samsung Danmark, B&O PLAY, AIAIAI, Rigshospitalet, Det Etiske Råd, Venstre, OffshoreenergyDK, Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

See more pictures from the festival on our facebook page.