Improved acoustic insulation of headsets at medium to high frequencies

The project aims to pave the way for new, lighter, more compact, cheaper and more comfortable headsets for use in very noisy conditions such as jet aircrafts. The use of lighter materials leads to many advantages, but are prone to a reduced sound insulation in the 1-4 kHz range. Since it is crucial to preserve good acoustic performance, this project focuses on ensuring sufficient sound insulation in the important mid frequency range, where active control is not feasible. The project will develop new accurate prediction tools based on emerging modelling techniques developed at DTU and Loudsoft. The development will be guided by insights gained from advanced measurements of passive attenuation and vibration characteristics of several headset designs from Terma. The project has deliveries at multiple levels: Terma will benefit from improved product designs, Loudsoft will benefit from improved simulation tool products and consulting competences which also benefit their global customers. Finally the results will be published at an upcoming AES convention which will benefit the audio industry in general.

Project partners:
DTU Technical Engineering
Loudsoft ltd. ApS

For more information contact Project Manager
Finn Agerkvist, Associate professor