Objective and subjective evaluation of loudness for received speech signals

The loudness estimation of received speech signals became more crucial due to the wide spread of telecommunication devices. Despite of the fact that Receive Loudness Rating (RLR) from ITU-T P.79 is widely used for the purpose, the model is out dated and often used only for comparing the loudness level of different devices. The coming ISO 532 standard outlines the latest development of loudness model for recorded sounds in general applications, but not specialized for speech samples. The goal of the project is to perform a series of listening experiment using speech signals with various bandwidths and telephone modes, i.e. hands-free and handset mode, and to evaluate whether the coming ISO 532 can be used for the prediction of perceived loudness for the speech samples. The project may suggest a modification of the standardized method in order to make a better correlation with subjective results.

Project participants:
Brüel & Kjær

For more information contact Project Manager:
Søren Vase Legarth, DELTA