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Danish Sound Zone at TechBBQ 2017

We will be making a "Danish Sound Zone" at this year's TechBBQ, with exciting sound startups and music showcases at the pop up Gaffa Stage.
The Danish Sound Zone will be a part of TechBBQ's outdoor "Garage" area in front of Øksnehallen also featuring B&O CREATE, a food area, bar, corporate meeting area and much more.

If you are a startup with an interesting and attractive product to showcase, we want to hear from you! 

Danish Sound is wishing everyone a great summer

The summer holidays are starting and the Secretariat will be working with reduced staffing during the weeks 27 through week 31.

If you have a message to a particular employee, you are always welcome to send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as we are back from vacation.

Enjoy and have a great summer!

PS. If you haven’t read our latest summer newsletter, you can find it here.

Den danske lydindustri i politisk fokus

Uddannelses- og forskningsminister, Søren Pind, sætter lydbranchen i centrum i hans tale til Dansk Industri - DI's konference.

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Folkemødet - The People's Political Festival 2017

Folkemødet - The People's Political Festival 2017 was once again a great and inspiring experience!

With 4 events spread over three days, Danish Sound made maximum effort to put sound on the political agenda and to spread awareness among ordinary citizens.


Kan du gætte, hvem der taler I radioen?

Nu kan du teste din viden, dyste mod andre og genkende de personer, som har optrådt i radioen gennem tiderne og vinde biografbilletter.
Konkurrencen løber fra d. 14. juni kl. 12.00 til midnat d. 25. juni.
#voxvip @cosounddk

Læs mere om VOXVIP-spillet.